Meet the team

Oliver Wilkie -

Team Manager & Marketing Manager

Oliver is responsible for the overall management of the team. Including production schedules and supporting the team to ensure they are working at the maximum efficiency. He also is in charge of talking to sponsors and creating a strong team identity using various marketing strategies.

Daniel Chong - 

Lead Design Engineer

Daniel designs and tests cars in CAD/CAM software

to make sure they're the best possible. He is a self

proclaimed 'dreamer' and has a habit of daydreaming about different car designs.

Charlie shaw -

Manufacturing engineer

Charlie is crucial to the sucess of our team as he is responsible for the manufacturing of our cars. He does this by filing, sanding, painting and other things behind the scenes to ensure our cars look as good as they race.

William johnson -

Enterprise manager

William, Seido's enterprise manager, is constantly striving to achieve consistency and exellence throughout the team's image. He always ensures detail is a primary focus for all aspects of the project, and will work on the team's portfolios and pit display throughout the competition.


40 Charles St, Kew

Melbourne, Victoria 3101


Tel: 0423 280 220 (Marketing Manager)​


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