Meet the team


Oliver Wilkie -

Team Manager

Oliver's focused personality fits perfectly into the role of team manager. Oliver is responsible for the overall management of the team, including production timelines, as well as assisting the team with whatever needed to ensure maximum work efficiency. We view the team manager role as someone who assists specific team members while also managing the team simultaneously.


Alastair murphy - 

Design Engineer

Alastair's accomplished understanding of CAD and CFD software makes certain his ability to design and create our final car to its maximum capabilities, whilst maintaining compliancy with the abundance of regulations. Alastair's CAD skills also allow him to fabricate other project elements, such as the pit display.


Charlie shaw -

Manufacturing manager

Charlie is crucial to the success of our team as he is responsible for the overall manufacturing of our cars; from a balsa block to being track ready. To achieve such a high standard, he meticulously files, sands and paints our cars painstakingly. Charlie makes sure our cars look as good as they race.


Andrew Liu -

Enterprise manager

Our enterprise manager, Andrew, will not settle for anything but flawless. To achieve this, he does whatever he can to guarantee that all project aspects maintain the highest level of detail, from a simple email, to the team's portfolios. Andrew covers the wide range of work related to our enterprise.